H.E. Maria Castillo Fernandez, Ambassador & Head of Delegation



Europe opens its windows to Malaysia this week with its cinema festival. Cinema is a beautiful expression of the human condition. It tells the story of our lives and as such it is a carrier of our cultures. It provides an insight into a rich cultural heritage. The EUFF invites you to envisage yourself in one of its movies and discover the diversity of Europe.

We would encourage our Malaysian friends to come and watch one of the movies; they tend to be different from the usual box office hits shown in main-stream cinemas; but then again are our lives not different from the stories we usually encounter in such movies? We guarantee you a wide choice that depict real life experiences and stories that go beyond the surface.

Since its first edition in 2000, the EUFF has brought together film enthusiasts, students, expatriates, families and even those who are joining in for their first 'foreign-language' film experience. The festival has always been very welcomed in Malaysia as one of the biggest international film festivals in the country.

This year we have 19 European countries participating with 21 award-wining movies. Looking at the variety of genres showcased, with everything from romance, drama, comedy and thrillers to documentaries from our countries in Europe, we have no doubt that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.







Film is truly a remarkable medium which entertains and inspires the audience. It conveys many facets of a nation’s character, the narratives of its people and rich cultural heritage. When a nation’s cinema is exhibited outside its national borders to foreign audiences, it functions as an ideal platform for cultural exchange.

The European Union Film Festival, not in its 17th year in Malaysia, has brought not just award-winning European movies to Malaysian audiences, but also the change for locals to experience European culture and gain a broader world-view without having to hop on a plane.

I would like to therefore congratulate the Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia for organizing the 17th European Union Film Festival this year. My thanks also goes to the participating European embassies and cultural institutions, as well as Malaysian partner organisations for their collaborations in making this event a success.

I look forward to enjoying the best of European cinema in Malaysia.

Thank you.