The European Union Film Festival is a highly anticipated annual event that celebrates the region’s cultural diversity and the appreciation of international films. Top contemporary films are coming to Malaysia for a festival that’s jam-packed with entertainment. Join us on a cinematic trip with 21 critically-acclaimed films from 17 different European countries!

Foreword from EU Ambassador

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF) comes once more to selected Golden Screen Cinemas. Now in its 19th year in Malaysia and one of the biggest international film festivals in the country, this much-anticipated event promises to showcase the dynamism, breadth and innovation of contemporary European cinema, as well as the cultural diversity of Europe, with acclaimed films from all over Europe.

Since we first started in 2000, the EUFF has brought together film enthusiasts, students, families and even people looking for their first foreign-language film experience. Animation, drama, romance, comedy, adventure, children’s film and documentary, we have it all. The wide range of screenings reflects European creativity and diversity and has something for everyone’s tastes.

The 21 films this year come from 17 European countries. All are award-winning films. This year, the festival line-up also features films from non-European Union countries Switzerland and Norway. Some of the films are collaborations or joint-productions between European countries. For example, the film Loving Vincent, a beautifully-rendered animation about the life of artist Vincent van Gogh in the style of his painting, is a joint production of France, the Netherlands and Poland.

This and other films in this festival have not only won prestigious awards of their own countries, but they are winners of also international awards from the New York Tribeca Film Awards, Tokyo International Film Festival, European Film Awards, and Berlin International Film Festival, among others.

Europe has never been just one, but many cultures, languages and lifestyles. Through EUFF, we celebrate our cultural diversity. We put culture at the centre of our international cultural relations as this is an important part of the EU’s role as a global actor.

We hope that these movies not only entertain, inspire and inform you about European culture but also open your eyes to how European and Malaysian people are both different and similar at the same time. This is a crucial message we share with Malaysia’s multicultural society and heritage.

I wish everybody a great time enjoying our European films and I hope that you will continue to support and celebrate European culture as we do the same in Malaysia.


Check out the full list of selections below!